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Acute effects of SCI on cardiovascular autonomic function via evaluating changes in low-frequency blood pressure variability


Lay Summary by Daman Dhunna Edited by Rona Herzog This is a summary of a paper by ICORD researchers Vera-Ellen Lucci, Dr. Jessica Inskip, Maureen McGrath, Dr. Brian Kwon, Dr. Victoria Claydon, and their colleagues Dr. Ian Ruiz and Rebekah Read More…

Time dependent gabapentinoid use for motor recovery after SCI


Lay Summary and Illustrations by Grace Hu Edited by Rona Herzog This is a summary of research conducted by ICORD researchers Dr. Freda Warner, Catherine Jutzeler, Dr. Jacquelyn Cragg, Lukas Grassner, Orpheus Mach, Doris Maier, Benedikt Mach, Jan Schwab, Marcel Read More…