Restoring hand and arm function after SCI with electrical stimulation


Lay summary by Frank Yeung Edited by Crystal Han This lay summary is based on the research paper by Fatma Inanici, Lorie N Brighton, Soshi Samejima, Christoph P Hofstetter, Chet T Moritz. Read the original article here. What is transcutaneous Read More…

Wheelchair users’ perspectives on usability of the adaptive equipment for exercise


Lay Summary by Arman Mohseni Edited by Crystal Han This is a lay summary on the paper by ICORDians Dr. Ben Mortenson, Dr. Jaimie Borisoff, and Dr. Bonita Sawatzky, and their colleagues Rachel Wong, Ashley Stewart, James Laskin, Johanne Mattie, Read More…

Cardiovascular responses to heat exposure training in athletes with SCI


Lay summary by Annie Zhou Edited by Crystal Han This is the lay summary of the original article by Dr. Christopher West, and his colleagues Cameron Gee, Melissa Lacroix, Wendy Pethick, Patrick Côté, Trent Stellingwerff. Read the original article here. Read More…

Time dependent gabapentinoid use for motor recovery after SCI


Lay Summary and Illustrations by Grace Hu Edited by Rona Herzog This is a summary of research conducted by ICORD researchers Dr. Freda Warner, Catherine Jutzeler, Dr. Jacquelyn Cragg, Lukas Grassner, Orpheus Mach, Doris Maier, Benedikt Mach, Jan Schwab, Marcel Read More…

A phone-monitored upper limb home exercise program for post-stroke individuals


Post stroke recovery– The ideal rehabilitation program: Up to 75% of stroke survivors have upper limb impairments that make everyday tasks like grasping a cup or utensil difficult. Many of these individuals become reluctant to use their affected limb in daily activities (called “learned non-use”). This can be detrimental to their long-term health, since reduced arm use has been associated with consequences such as decreased strength and bone density. Continue reading