Wheelchair users’ perspectives on usability of the adaptive equipment for exercise


Lay Summary by Arman Mohseni Edited by Crystal Han This is a lay summary on the paper by ICORDians Dr. Ben Mortenson, Dr. Jaimie Borisoff, and Dr. Bonita Sawatzky, and their colleagues Rachel Wong, Ashley Stewart, James Laskin, Johanne Mattie, Read More…

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How bowel, bladder, sexual dysfunction can affect health

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What is bowel, bladder and sexual dysfunction? Persons with a spinal cord injury (SCI) can experience changes to their bladder, bowel, and sexual function secondary to the spinal cord damage. Problems  can occur due to a  lack of voluntary control over urination and defecation, possibly leading to complications like urinary tract infections. Continue reading

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Arterial stiffness after SCI and interventions

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What is “central arterial stiffness,” and why is it important? Arterial stiffness is the consequence of many modifiable and non-modifiable factors that include age, gender, physical activity levels, family history, diet, body composition, and blood pressure level. An increase in arterial stiffness is directly correlated with cardiovascular (CV) disease and the hardening and loss of elasticity of the arteries in the heart and brain. Continue reading