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Developing and testing an E-learning program to increase physical activity among people with SCI


Lay Summary by Matthew Ma Edited by Rona Herzog This is a summary of a research study by researchers at the University of Alabama. ICORD PI  Dr. Kathleen Martin Ginis is a co-author. Click here to access the original paper. Read More…

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Relationship between red blood cell distribution, cardiorespiratory fitness, and level of SCI


Lay Summary by Yasi Yaghoub Art by Yasi Yaghoub Edited by Rona Herzog This is a summary of research conducted with ICORD researchers Dr. Tom Nightingale, Gurjeet S. Bhangu, Dr. Andrei Krassioukov, and their colleague, professor James L.J. Bilzon. Click Read More…

What’s an OT?


In honour of October being national occupational therapy (OT) month, we spoke with a practicing OT and former ICORDian Clarice Kwok, as well as an ICORD PI and OT researcher, Dr. Ben Mortenson, to get the scoop on what OT Read More…

Individualized training for powered wheelchairs results in greater satisfaction with prior set goals


The purpose of this study was to determine whether a powered wheelchair user’s ‘goal satisfaction’ improved after five sessions of individualized wheelchair skills training. The researchers also wanted to determine whether or not these changes in satisfaction were maintained 3 months after the training ended. Continue reading

What is the spinal cord?

What is the Spinal Cord? (Comic)


In this comic we review the anatomy of the spinal cord and explain how spinal cord injuries at the same anatomical level can result in different motor and sensation abilities. To learn even more, visit SCIRE Community’s page on Spinal Cord Read More…