Participate in a Study

There are many ways you can participate in ICORD research. Participants with and without spinal cord injuries are often needed for clinical, behavioural, and rehab studies. There are many studies currently recruiting participants. Click here to browse the full list of Research Studies, or check out the lists below.

Why should you get involved in research? Watch this great video by our friends at SCI-BC to find out!

Feeling overwhelmed by the number of studies? Our study liaisons, Ali Williams and Sam Douglas, can work with you to narrow down what studies you may be eligible for. Over a few short phone calls, Ali or Sam will ask you questions about your research interests as well as common study inclusion and exclusion criteria.  From there, they will tailor a list of research studies for you and provide details and contact information for each one. They can also connect you with study coordinators if you like. Send them an email to begin your consultation!

These studies involve physical activity
(e.g., Lokomat, Ekso suit, wheeling/driving, getting exercise)
These studies involve non-invasive procedures (i.e. ultrasound, blood pressure, MRI)
These studies involve medical treatment/procedures
These studies involve surveys or interviews
These studies are recruiting able-bodied participants