Annual Research Meeting Trainee Research Awards

In 2006, through the support of generous donors, three named awards were created for ICORD trainees whose research posters were judged by ICORD’s International Advisory Panel to be the best in each of the three categories. Since that 2006 meeting, these awards have become an important and valued part of the ICORD Annual Research Meeting.

The Gordon Hiebert Award is presented for the best poster by an ICORD trainee at the Postdoctoral Fellow or Resident level. This award is named in memory of former ICORD trainee, Dr Gordon Hiebert. Gord came to ICORD in 1996, after completing a PhD with Dr. Keir Pearson at the University of Alberta where he studied the electrophysiological mechanisms of locomotion. Gord chose to come to ICORD for his postdoctoral training, joining the labs of Drs. Wolfram Tetzlaff and John Steeves to broaden his knowledge base by studying the molecular mechanisms of spinal cord regeneration. In 2001, Gord left for Saskatoon and later Edmonton to combine his molecular and electrophysiological skills to better understand SCI-induced plasticity in spared motor systems. On May 26, 2004, SCI research lost a friend and colleague when Gord passed away at the age of 36 following a battle with cancer. Along with his significant scientific contributions, Gord will be remembered as a friend to all who knew him

The Aaron Moser Award goes to the best poster presented by an ICORD trainee at the Doctoral Student level. This award is named for Aaron Moser. In 1998, while playing hockey for the Nanaimo Clippers, Aaron was checked from behind into the boards and suffered a broken neck, severing his spinal cord and leaving him with no movement from the neck down. After his injury, his teammates and friends set up a trust fund to raise money for the equipment, supplies, renovations, and other expenses he would have during his rehabilitation. The Aaron Moser Spinal Cord Injury Foundation was started with the remaining funds. The sole purpose of this foundation is to raise money toward spinal cord research and, ultimately, to find a cure for paralysis.

The W.L. McLeod Award (formerly the ICORD Trainee Award) is for the best poster presented by an ICORD trainee at the Undergraduate or  Masters Student level. This award is named in honour of the ongoing fundraising for ICORD done by the students at W.L. McLeod Elementary School in Vanderhoof, BC.

The ICORD Staff Award was announced in 2013, for the best poster by an ICORD staff member (technician, research assistant, or research associate), in recognition of the valuable research contributions made by staff members.

The People’s Choice Award was announced in 2015, to recognize the”fan favourite” poster at that year’s Annual Research Meeting. All posters presented at the meeting are eligible to win, and the winning poster is determined from the poster with the most votes from the meeting attendees.


ICORD Staff Award: Neda Manouchehri, Kwon Lab (winner); Katelyn Shortt, Kwon Lab (runner-up); Nadar Fallah, Rick Hansen Institute (2nd runner-up)

Aaron Moser Award: Jordan Squair, Krassioukov Lab (winner); Hannah Gustafson, OIBL (runner-up); Brett Hilton, Tetzlaff Lab (2nd runner-up); Seth Tigchelaar, Kwon Lab (honourable mention)

Gordon Hiebert Award: Amanda Chisholm, Lam Lab (winner); Mali Meibod, West Lab (runner-up); Oscar Seira, Tetzlaff Lab (2nd runner-up)

W.L.McLeod Award: Stephanie Santacruz, Granville Lab (winner); Ana Stegania Gheorghe, Kwon Lab (runner-up); Taha Qaiser, Lam Lab (2nd runner-up)

2016 ARM poster award winners

Clockwise from top left: Brett Hilton, Jordan Squair, Stephanie Santacruz, Mali Meibod, Neda Manouchehri, Katelyn Shortt, Ana Gheorghe, Hannah Gustafson, Nader Fallah, Taha Qaiser, Amanda Chisholm. Missing: Oscar Seira.


ICORD Staff Award: Elena Okon, Kwon Lab (winner); Kitty So, Kwon Lab (runner-up); Jordan Squair, Krassioukov Lab (2nd runner-up)

Aaron Moser Award: Diana Hunter, Ramer Lab (winner); Jacquelin Cragg, Borisoff Lab (runner-up); Peggy Assinck, Tetzlaff Lab (2nd runner-up)

Gordon Hiebert Award: Aaron Phillips, Krassioukov Lab (winner); Dr. Mincheol Joo, Krassioukov Lab (runner-up); Dr. Katharine Currie, Krassioukov Lab (2nd runner-up)

W.L.McLeod Award: Mei Mu (Annie) Zheng, Krassioukov Lab (winner); Freda Warner, Kramer Lab (runner-up); Parry Mudhar, Sparrey Lab (2nd runner-up)

People’s Choice Award: Steve Mattucci, Oxland Lab

  armwinners2015Back row, from left to right: Franco Chan, Matt Sahl, Steve Mattucci, Diana Hunter, Katharine Currie, Annie Zheng, Elena Okon, Jordan Squair, Parry Mudhar, Mincheol Joo.

Front row, from left to right:Jacqueline Cragg, Freda Warner, Angela Melnyk, Peggy Assinck, Rick Hansen, Aaron Philips, Kitty So


ICORD Staff Award: Neda Manoucheri (winner); Femke Streijger (runner-up); Kitty So & Andrew Yung (2nd runner-up)

Aaron Moser Award: Jacqueline Cragg (winner); Tim Bhatnagar (runner-up); Dominik Zbogar (2nd runner-up)

Gordon Hiebert Award: Amanda Chisholm (winner); Yunyuan Li (runner-up)

W.L.McLeod Award: Jordan Squair (winner); Jackie Soicher (runner-up); Raza Malik (2nd runner-up)

 image022From left to right: Tim Bhatnagar, Neda Manoucheri, Jacqueline Cragg, Femek Streijger, Jackie Soicher, Kitty So, Jordan Squair, Amanda Chisholm, Raza Malik, Yunyuan Li, Dominik Zbogar


ICORD Staff Award: Femke Streijger (pictured left); (honourable mention: Gita Gholamrezaei)

Aaron Moser Award: Megan O’Neill; (honourable mention: Hannah Gustafson)

Gordon Hiebert Award: Chris West (pictured right); (honourable mention: Reza Jalili)

W.L.McLeod Award: Raymundo Aguas-Hernandez; (honourable mention: Mayank Kalra)

Dr. Femke Streijger & Dr. Chris West


(From left to right)

Aaron Moser Award: Robyn Newell; (honourable mention: Peggy Assinck)

Gordon Hiebert Award: Reza Jalili; (honourable mention: Chris West)

ICORD Trainee Award: Brett Hilton; (honourable mention: Mark Crawford)




(from left to right:)

Gordon Hiebert Award: Antoinette Domingo and Jose Zariffa

ICORD Trainee Award: Colin Russell (middle)  and Jacqueline Cragg (far right)

Aaron Moser Award: Peggy Assinck




(From left to right:)

ICORD Trainee Award: Maryam Shahrokni

Aaron Moser Award:  Claire Jones

Gordon Hiebert Award: Gillian Simonett




(from left to right:)

Gordon Hiebert Award: Femke Streijger

Aaron Moser AwardAngela Scott

ICORD Trainee Award: Jacqueline Cragg; honourable mention: Megan Sherman

winners of 2009 Annual Research Meeting poster competition


There was no Annual Research Meeting this year due to the transition of ICORD from the UBC Point Grey campus to the Blusson Spinal Cord Centre.


(From left to right:)

Gordon Hiebert Award: Dr. Ana Mingorance-Le Meur

ICORD Trainee Award: Lesley Soril

Aaron Moser Award: Leanne Ramer




(From left to right:)

Aaron Moser Award: Joe Sparling

Gordon Hiebert AwardFredéric Bretzner

ICORD Trainee Award: Amy La France