PARC Equipment

Most of the exercise equipment at the PARC can be used from your wheelchair, or you have the option of transferring on to the equipment chairs if you are able. Some of the machines have dual functions to help minimize the number of transfers. Hand grips are on several of the machines to assist when transferring.

For strength training, participants can use HUR adaptive strengthening equipment that utilizes compressed air for resistance instead of the traditional weight stacks or plates. This helps to provide a more consistent resistance throughout the range of motion.

The facility also offers wheelchair accessible SCIFIT upper and lower body bikes and Game Cycle ergometers to increase cardiovascular fitness.

Smart Card technology enables participants to monitor their progress and automatically follow individualized programs so that your exercse program is automatically loaded for ease of use. Most of the machines in PARC provides on-screen guidance, including the level of resistance and repetitions of the individualized training program as well as exercise technique instructions.


Equipment Screen

The Smart Card system automates the entire workout to the individual’s exercise program, adjusting the resistance level automatically and recording the performance from each workout. Each machine also can show instructions on how to use it and information on what muscle groups are being exercised.

Arm Ergometers