Time dependent gabapentinoid use for motor recovery after SCI


Lay Summary and Illustrations by Grace Hu Edited by Rona Herzog This is a summary of research conducted by ICORD researchers Dr. Freda Warner, Catherine Jutzeler, Dr. Jacquelyn Cragg, Lukas Grassner, Orpheus Mach, Doris Maier, Benedikt Mach, Jan Schwab, Marcel Read More…

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Arterial stiffness after SCI and interventions

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What is “central arterial stiffness,” and why is it important? Arterial stiffness is the consequence of many modifiable and non-modifiable factors that include age, gender, physical activity levels, family history, diet, body composition, and blood pressure level. An increase in arterial stiffness is directly correlated with cardiovascular (CV) disease and the hardening and loss of elasticity of the arteries in the heart and brain. Continue reading