Brain activation differences: active vs. passive walking


Lay Summary by Tiffany Fong Images by Crystal Han Edited by Rona Herzog, Alanna Schwed and Alyssa Chong This is a summary of the research article by Dr. Sue Peters, Shannon B. Lim, Dennis R. Louie, Dr. Chieh-ling Yang, and Read More…

Individualized training for powered wheelchairs results in greater satisfaction with prior set goals


The purpose of this study was to determine whether a powered wheelchair user’s ‘goal satisfaction’ improved after five sessions of individualized wheelchair skills training. The researchers also wanted to determine whether or not these changes in satisfaction were maintained 3 months after the training ended. Continue reading

Do caster size and weight distribution affect wheelchair rolling resistance?

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Does size matter? As you are probably aware, propelling a wheelchair is not a very efficient use of your energy. You have probably heard that the type of tires you use and the importance of inflating them regularly makes a big difference to how much energy you use, but have you thought about the size of your front wheels, called casters? Continue reading