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Under the Microscope


Are you looking for our “Under the Microscope” posts? We’ve moved all the posts to here! Under the Microscope is column written by Dr. Ward Plunet for the Blusson Buzz, ICORD’s weekly internal newsletter. Ward earned his Phd in neuroscience from UBC, Read More…

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Electrical stimulation of the spinal cord enables voluntary muscle movements in people with chronic spinal cord injury.


Damian Feldman-Kiss Original Article: C. A. Angeli, V. R. Edgerton, Y. P. Gerasimenko and S. J. Harkema (2014). Altering spinal  cord excitability enables voluntary movements after chronic complete paralysis  in humans. Brain, 137(5), 1394-1409. Find the original article here. Summary: Complete paralysis is the Read More…