Assessment of trunk muscle function in persons with spinal cord injury (completed)

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Researcher(s): Dr. Mark Carpenter
Please note this study is no longer recruiting participants

Researchers at ICORD are looking for people with paraplegia (with lesion level above T6) or tetraplegia to take part in a study that aims to understand more about abdominal muscle function in persons with spinal cord injury and how these muscles may be used during activities of daily living.

  • We will assess and classify the level and the completeness of your spinal cord injury according to international standards and evaluate motor performance in daily activities. You will use your own wheelchair during tests such as: sit-and-reach tests and propelling the wheelchair (Day 1, location ICORD, Blusson Spinal Cord Centre).
  • We will measure muscle thickness and muscle activation in the abdominal muscles during rest and during a variety of tasks performed in supine, such as lifting your head, and different reaching movements, using ultrasound technique and electromyography recordings. These methods are used widely in the clinic/research and will not cause you any pain or discomfort (Day 2 and 3, location UBC).

If you are interested in volunteering and you:

  • have a complete SCI above T6
  • were injured at least 1 years ago
  • are in stable medical condition
  • are able to visit the lab three times for approximately 2 hours each time

please contact Anna Bjerkefors at: or (778)-985-8660 for more information.

Principal Investigator: Dr. Mark Carpenter – 604-822-8614 /

Sit-and-reach test