In-home study for improving hand function with functional electrical stimulation and virtual reality exercise (completed)

Please note this study is no longer recruiting participants

Researchers at ICORD recently completed a study comparing two types of treatments for hand function:
•    To test whether exercises combined with functional electrical stimulation improves hand function in people with tetraplegia;
•    To compare a number of tests used to detect these improvements.

Eligible Participants were:

  • Provided with an electrical stimulation glove fitted to their hand.
  • Provided with the ReJoyce workstation, a computer and webcam to complete virtual reality game exercises daily at home under the tele-supervision of a researcher.
  • Tested on ability to grasp and manipulate objects at a robotic work station.

Principal Investigators: Drs. Tania Lam and John Steeves

ReJoyce rehab equipment