Research Studies

Latest ICORD Research Studies:

Eye movements in wheelchair users

Project title: Eye movements in wheelchair users This study is about your perception of moving objects and how you track them using eye movements. We investigate whether perception of motion and eye movements are equally good in all directions, for Read More…

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Project title: Evaluation of Video Gaming Programs for Improving Function in Older Adults with a Single-leg Below-knee or Above-knee Amputation: WiinWalk Study The aim of this project is to determine if the Nintendo Wii physical activity or cognitive intervention enhances walking capacity Read More…

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Project title: Wheelchair self-efficacy enhanced training program to improve wheelchair use in older adults (WheelSeeU): The WheelSeeU feasibility study Researchers are interested in evaluating the effect of a peer-lead wheelchair training program on manual wheelchair use in older adults. You may be eligible Read More…

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POWER Mobility Toolkit

Project title: POWER (Paediatric Participation Outcomes for Wheelchair Evaluation in Rehabilitation) Mobility: Phase 3 Feasibility Study (POWER Mobility Toolkit) Independent mobility is important for taking part in everyday life activities. More children than ever before are using power mobility to move around Read More…

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Exoskeleton and COMBO design survey

Project title: Exoskeleton and COMBO design survey The use of exoskeleton technology has potential for health, and functional mobility benefits for wheelchair users. Currently, this technology has practical barriers to everyday use, which limit its functional benefits. Dr. Borisoff (BCIT) has Read More…