What is the Spinal Cord? (Web Illustration)

What is the spinal cord? | 2 comments

In this web illustration we review the anatomy of the spinal cord and explain how spinal cord injuries at the same anatomical level can result in different motor and sensation abilities.

To learn even more, visit SCIRE Community’s page on Spinal Cord Anatomy.

Script and Art by Adam Mesa.


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2 thoughts on “What is the Spinal Cord? (Web Illustration)

  1. What a simple yet, informative explanation as to why same injury level for a person does not mean the same losses or capacity regarding functioning.

    Can I add this to our website or refer to the link at the very least? We are the Canadian Paraplegic Association (Nova Scotia) and our website is the spine.ca
    Respectfully, Nancy

  2. great simple explanation, even after having a sci myself for 30+ years I learned something new today. appreciate that.

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