What is Orthostatic Hypotension? (Web Illustration)


Orthostatic hypotension (postural hypotension) is common in individuals with SCI. But what is orthostatic hypotension? What causes it? To help answer these questions, we made a web illustration on this form of low blood pressure.

If you’re curious for more, take a look at SCIRE Community’s page on Postural Hypotension.

Script by Ana-Maria Oproescu, Art by Adam Mesa.


It refers to hypotension caused by changing to an upright posture.But why does sitting up (or standing up). It's all due to gravityGravity causes your blood to pool in your lower body after you change positionIn this case, your nervous system and blood vessels communicate to maintain blood pressureHowever, SCI interrupts communication between the nervous system and nlood vessIf this communication is impaired, you may feel dizzy, confused, or even faint.Resulting in more frequent, inherent,

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  1. So how do we help the patient? He has had two GBM resections and this is what he is going through daily…thank you

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