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If you would like to watch the Cafe Scientifique webcast on Spinal Cord Research, please visit

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  1. A nice surgery case. From our pixereence (Tokyo Univ. and Kanto Medical Center), a herniation pit communicates a longitudinally extended pouch which is also filled with CSF. We named (Ventrally) duplicated dura matter , but some authors refers it simply as a extra-dural cyst or meningocele. (I doubt it) The holy grail of this disease is the existence of this surplus CSF of unknown etiology. Surgical intervention prevents further aggravation of neurological symptoms, but in general, present neurological deficit may not be improved. So in my opinion, we must detect this mysterious extradural CSF pouch, prior to clinical manifestation, or in the early stage.Best regards, Ichiro Shirouzu MD, Dept. of Radiology, Kanto Medical Center NTT EC, Tokyo JAPAN.

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