Imaging the spinal cord: does pain matter?

ICORD Researchers Drs. Cornelia Laule and John Kramer, along with Drs. Shannon Kollind and Erin MacMillan, are investigating the causes of neuropathic pain after spinal cord injury. They are currently recruiting participants for their study, entitled Relationship between cervical spinal cord microstructure, metabolite concentrations, and neuropathic pain after spinal cord injury. 
Eligibility criteria: People with traumatic spinal cord injury between C4 and T12; individuals with and without neuropathic pain are welcome.
What is involved: 2-4 sessions of MRI, as well as a visit at ICORD to undergo a neurological exam.
Why you might want to participate: If we better understand the causes of neuropathic pain, ultimately we might be able to come up with ways of managing pain symptoms. If you have an interest in seeing your spinal cord and brain, we can also provide images!

Contact Dr. John Kramer for more information or to sign up (by email or call 604-675-8876)