Submit your 2023 Annual Research Meeting poster abstract

Posters will be adjudicated according to these criteria:

1. Relevance + Originality (5 points)

2. Methods, Results, Conclusions (10 points)

  • Objectives are clearly stated
  • Methods are adequately and clearly described
  • Study design is appropriate for the research question
  • Results are clearly presented in sufficient detail
  • Statistical methods are used appropriately, with valid analysis and interpretation
  • Data support and justify the conclusions

3. Presentation (10 points)

  • Author describes the research project succinctly and clearly within 3-minute allowance
  • Author is able to answer and discuss the adjudicator’s questions

4. Design + layout (5 points)

  • Information is effectively organized and easy to understand
  • Colours are used effectively and text is easily readable
  • ICORD logo and acknowledgement are included (Need a logo? Check here! Other logos also available – contact us if you need something)

Abstract Submission Form

Submit your abstracts for this year's Annual Research Meeting.
  • Last nameInitials (no periods)Affiliation (Department/Institution)ICORD Supervisor (last name only)
  • You must be available to speak between 8:30 and 10am on March 9.
  • Last nameInitials (no periods)Affiliation (Department/Institution) 
    Please list each additional author in publication order. You may use abbreviations for local institutions (ex. UBC, SFU, BCIT, etc.)
  • Maximum 2100 characters.
  • A very short & simple description of your project to help non-scientists understand your work (i.e. What is your project about? Why is it important?). Maximum 750 characters (but shorter is fine!).
  • Your flexibility is greatly appreciated, but if you absolutely MUST present in a specific session, please let us know.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.