headshot of Dr. Mohsen Akbari

B.Sc. [Mechanical Engineering] (Sharif University of Technology)
M.Sc. [Mechanical Engineering] (Sharif University of Technology)
Ph.D. [Applied Sciences] (Simon Fraser University)
Post-doctorate [Biomedical Engineering, Tissue Engineering] (McGill University)
Post-doctorate [Biomedical Engineering, Tissue Engineering] (Harvard Medical School)
Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Victoria

Research Interests:
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Dr. Stephanie Willerth
Principal Investigator

S.B. [Biology] (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), S.B. [Chemical Engineering] (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), M.S. (Washington University), Ph.D. [Biomedical Engineering] (Washington University), Post-Doctoral Fellowship [Bioengineering and Chemical Engineering] (University of California)
Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering and Division of Medical Sciences, University of Victoria
Member, Centre for Advanced Materials & Related Technology

Research Interests:
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