Research Studies

Latest ICORD Research Studies:

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SCI Self-Management Mobile App

This study will evaluate the effectiveness of a self-management intervention that features the use of the self-management app to help people with SCI attain self-selected goals and improve personal management of health. You will be asked to complete a series Read More…

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Family Caregiver Digital Story Telling

Researchers in Dr. Ben Mortenson’s lab want to know if using digital storytelling with current or past caregivers of older adults or older adults who are/ have been caregivers can facilitate communication and socialization, and encourage the maintenance and development Read More…

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ProACTIVE SCI: Physical Activity Study

We’re looking to see if personal training and brief physical activity coaching sessions that are tailored to the individual can improve physical activity participation, fitness, and health. This study involves: • 2×2-hour testing sessions to evaluate fitness, heart health (non-invasive), Read More…

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