Factors that influence physical activity among people with SCI who ambulate

In an effort to explore what constitutes quality physical activity among individuals with a spinal cord injury who walk, Dr. Kathleen Martin Ginis and Ph.D. student Sarah Lawrason, from the School of Health and Exercise Sciences at UBC Okanagan, are requesting permission to examine your physical activity participation experiences. If you volunteer to participate in this study you will be asked to complete one online self-administered questionnaire and two questionnaires administered by the student investigator (over the phone or in-person) about factors influencing your physical activity and types, frequency, duration, and intensity of physical activity you participate in (approximately 1 hr 20 minutes in total). You can also choose to participate in an interview with the student investigator (in-person or over the phone) about the quality of your physical activity participation (approximately 30-60 minutes). You will be compensated for completing the questionnaires and the interview.

Why should you participate in this study?

It is anticipated that the knowledge gained from this study will allow researchers to identify important factors that influence quality physical activity participation for individuals with a spinal cord injury who walk. Furthermore, the findings will provide researchers with information that will be used to inform resources to increase quality physical activity participation among this population.

You may be able to participate if you:

  • Have been living with a SCI for over one year
  • Ambulate/walk for daily activities more often than not
  • Are 18 years of age or older
  • Speak, read, and write English

Time commitment: 1-2 hours

Compensation for participation

$25 Amazon gift card for questionnaires, and an additional $25 Amazon gift card for the qualitative interview

The study will take place online and over the phone

For more information or to sign up to participate, please contact the study coordinator, Sarah Lawrason, by email or call (613) 539-3447