Bowel care and cardiovascular function after SCI

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Researcher(s): Dr. Victoria Claydon

We recently conducted a survey of bowel care practices and cardiovascular responses to bowel care in individuals with SCI, and learned that bowel care and blood pressure control were areas of frustration following injury. We now want to test the effect of a medicated lubricant on blood pressure changes during bowel care at home. Participants will have complete privacy for the duration of their bowel routine, and be asked to complete questionnaires before and after.

Why should you participate in this study?
This research may help provide clearer guidelines for bowel care practices, as well as direct future research in this area. You can receive up to $200 for participation in this study, and have the opportunity to meet with our Nurse Continence Advisor.

You may be able to participate if you

  • have a high thoracic or cervical spinal cord injury (at least 1 year post-injury)
  • are over 18 years old
  • have a regular bowel care program.

You may not be able to participate in this study if you

  • use a ventilator
  • have a colostomy
  • do not perform a regular bowel care routine (for any reason)
  • have any skin breakdown
  • use medicines containing lidocaine, or have an allergy to lidocaine

Time commitment
2 at-home visits (length will vary depending on bowel care duration)

Compensation for participation
$100 per visit (for a maximum of $200). The study will take place at your home (other options available).

For more information or to sign up to participate, please watch the video below and then contact the study coordinator, Vera-Ellen Lucci, by email or call 778-782-8560