Acquisition and retention of a skilled locomotor task in people with spinal cord injury

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Researcher(s): Dr. Tania Lam

Drs. Tania Lam and Amanda Chisolm and their team are recruiting participants on the study of learning skilled locomotor tasks in people with spinal cord injury. The study will evaluate how much performance initially improves and is maintained with the practice of a skilled walking task. Participants will use the Lokomat for body-weight supported treadmill walking.

Participation in the study will involve four one-hour visits Dr. Lam’s lab at ICORD over the course of one week.

Research participant uses the LokomatYou may be eligible if you are an adult with SCI and:

  • had a motor-incomplete SCI at least one year ago;
  • are able to walk on a treadmill with body-weight support;
  • are in a stable medical condition; and
  • less than 136 kg in weight and 1.85 m in height.

The study is also seeking able-bodied adults.

For more information or to sign up to participate:

Please contact us at or call 604-875-8815.