ICORD study on cover of Journal of Physiology

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Graphic by Paul Lesack of Koerner Library Data Services, UBC

Congratulations to ICORD Postdoc Dr. Aaron Phillips, whose study on cerebral blood flow regulation and spinal cord injury is the Editor’s Choice and cover article of the March 15, 2016 issue of The Journal of Physiology! Dr. Phillips, who is a part of the Krassioukov Lab, found “novel evidence that experimental SCI leads to inward cerebrovascular remodelling, increased stiffness and impaired reactivity of the largest cerebral artery.” Dr. Phillips would like to acknowledge the contributions of ICORD Trainees Annie Zheng and Michelle Jia.

Read the article, Rigid and remodelled: cerebrovascular structure and function after experimental high-thoracic spinal cord transection, on The Journal of Physiology website.