New Principal Investigator: Dr. Carolyn Sparrey

Sparrey_C-thumbICORD is pleased to announce three new Principal Investigators have joined the research group. Drs. Sandra Hundza, Carolyn Sparrey and Stephanie Willerth were welcomed in February, 2011. Dr. Sparrey is a faculty member at Simon Fraser University.

Carolyn Sparrey

Originally from Ontario, Dr. Sparrey undertook advanced study up and down the west coast of North America, from UBC to Berkeley and San Francisco, and back to Simon Fraser University. She brings an engineer’s focussed practicality to her research, applying mechanical theories and methodologies to gain new insights into the mechanisms of SCI. She has also devoted attention to the integration of new patient-specific technologies in the diagnostic and therapeutic arenas.

Dr. Sparrey anticipates combining her advanced computational methodologies with the clinical expertise of ICORD, to develop more advanced, patient-specific models from existing diagnostic images. Not only will these models serve to improve understanding and treatment of individual patients’ injuries, but also the insights gained through the process will result in better modelling of injuries in general, assisting ICORD researchers focussing on the development of preventive, diagnostic, and therapeutic strategies.

An article about Dr. Sparrey was recently published in The Now.