Lynda Bennett Lynda Bennett is a technical writer set to fully retire in the next few years. She’s been a paraplegic (Spina Bifida) since birth and uses both a manual and power chair to explore the world. As a recent volunteer at ICORD, she is using her talents providing articles summarizing current SCI research for the SCRIBE Blog. She hopes that her intimate experience having a disability will help bring a unique perspective and authenticity to readers of the blog.
 Gabby John headshot Gabrielle John was the Coordinator of the Resource Centre from May 2013 to April 2014 and is a former Master’s student in the lab of Professor Wolfram Tetzlaff. Her research involved studying the central nervous system’s reduced capacity to regenerate following spinal cord injury. She feels passionately about knowledge translation and believes strongly in the importance of being able to discuss her research in terms the public can follow. As a basic scientist this can sometimes be quite a challenge! Outside of the scientific realm her interests include travelling and volunteering abroad, writing, biking around the city and soaking up the beauty of Vancouver.
Andre Fallavollita was the Coordinator of the Resource Centre from May 2012 to April 2013. He just completed his 4th year of undergraduate studies at UBC, studying Microbiology and Immunology with aspirations of Medical School. He hails from Toronto, Ontario, where he hung up his construction boots for a pen, paper and a new start here in beautiful British Columbia. Andre enjoys working at ICORD, where he can learn about SCI while giving back to the community. He is a sports enthusiast and a die hard Leafs fan, always ready to trade opinions on the wide world of sports.
Leanne Ramer Dr. Leanne Ramer is currently working as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Leuven, Belgium. She was a Resource Centre Coordinator from July 2011 to April, 2012. Leanne was an ICORDian in various capacities since 2000. She completed her PhD with Drs. Andrei Krassioukov and John Steeves in the spring of 2012, studying changes in the nervous system that contribute to cardiovascular dysfunction after spinal cord injury (SCI). She is a scientist who is passionate about communication, both between scientists and with the larger community. Her life outside science is largely consumed by her daughter, a 5 year old with a voracious appetite for life. She also likes to play hockey, ski, and drink wine.
 Kevin Chi headshot Kevin Chi is a volunteer the Resource Centre. He is currently a 4th year student studying Microbiology & Immunology at UBC. After graduation, he would like to pursue a career in medicine and health sciences and join Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) to provide medical aid and promote humanitarian efforts in developing countries. Kevin started volunteering at the ICORD resource centre because of his interest in spinal cord research and concepts such as regenerative neuroscience as well as to provide SCI research information to the public and community. Outside of ICORD, Kevin is also a dedicated volunteer for the Canadian Red Cross as a First Responder instructor and first aid supervisor for community events. He is an avid Starbucks consumer, but will visit a Tim Hortons from time to time.
Mustafa Hasan is a popular volunteer at the Resource Centre. He dedicated more than 130 hours of his time to the Centre in 2011-12. Mustafa immigrated to Canada and moved to Vancouver in 2009. He is now settling into his new life, taking English courses at Vancouver Community College, going to the gym at G.F. Strong Rehabilitation Centre and participating in ICORD research studies. Recently, he started playing wheelchair rugby. Mustafa is now a volunteer at the Community SCI Resource Centre at the Blusson Spinal Cord Centre, offering assistance with English-Arabic translations. For his involvement and contributions, Mustafa was awarded the BC Rehab Gert Vorsteher Memorial Award in 2013, an award that recognizes individuals with disabilities who have shown strength and determination in regaining their independence after a life-changing injury.
Ivan Chiu volunteered more than 170 hours at the Resource Centre in 2011-12. He is currently in his fifth and final undergraduate year at UBC; if all goes well, he will be graduating with a BSc in Psychology and a BA in Philosophy. He hopes to enter medicine to become a paediatrician. Meanwhile, he enjoys volunteering at Canuck Place Hospice, working as a behavioural interventionist , and biking around town. One of the reasons he decided to volunteer here is that it helps give him a sense of perspective. This is important because it allows him to assess issues from different viewpoints – for example, examining spinal cord injury from the point of view of scientists and the community – which enhances empathy and understanding.
  Christy Jones is a long-time volunteer at the Resource Centre. She is currently in her 4th year of Kinesiology at UBC with a minor in Commerce. After graduation, she looks forward to traveling before beginning her master’s degree in Neuroscience. She enjoys being involved in research and chose to volunteer with ICORD to get the opportunity to learn more about SCI from researchers as well as members of the community. Something most people don’t know about her is that she used to live on Bowen Island!