SCIRE: Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Evidence

The Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Evidence (SCIRE) is a synthesis of the research evidence underlying rehabilitation interventions to improve the health of people living with SCI. SCIRE covers a comprehensive set of topics relevant to SCI rehabilitation and community re-integration. This project is intended to translate existing knowledge to health professionals to inform them of best practice. This research synthesis will also enable relevant decision-making in public policy and practice settings applicable to SCI rehabilitation. In addition, transparent evidence-based reviews can guide the research community and funding organizations to strategically focus their time and resources on the gaps in knowledge and identify research priorities. People with SCI and their families may also find the information useful to understanding their health care.

The Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Evidence developed from a research collaboration between Vancouver and London (Ontario) and involved their respective health centres (GF Strong Rehab Centre, St. Joseph’s Health Care), research institutions (International Collaboration on Repair Discoveries, Lawson Health Research Institute) and universities (University of BC, University of Western Ontario).

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