Dr. Bonnie Sawatzky co-hosts seating symposium in NZ

ICORDian Dr. Bonita Sawatzky travelled to New Zealand in November to co-host the inaugural Oceania Seating Symposium. The purpose of the conference was to bring state-of-the-art concepts and latest technologies in seating and mobility to professionals (clinicians and researchers), manufacturers, Read More…

Headshot of Dr. Christopher West

Dr. Chris West shows SCI affects the heart

Spinal cord injury affects the heart – that’s what research published in Experimental Physiology and carried out by by ICORD PI Dr. Chris West has found. The heart undergoes changes after spinal cord injury that are dependent on how severe Read More…

BICP-funded seed grant leads to US$1.926M grant

ICORD PIs Drs. Christ West and Brian Kwon have been awarded US$1.926 million by the US Department of Defense to study how changes to heart function following SCI can impact mobility. Their study, Offsetting cardiac dysfunction in acute spinal cord injury Read More…


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