Dr. Peter Cripton tests helmet on Global News

Global News visits ICORD to test helmet safety

Last night, ICORD Principal Investigator Dr. Peter Cripton was featured in a Global News segment on bicycle helmet safety.

Consumer reporter Anne Drewa visited ICORD last week for Dr. Cripton’s expertise in helmet performance and see how an inexpensive helmet would fare in an impact test. The helmet had no indications that it met any standard safety requirements, and Dr. Cripton was able to use a drop monorail to measure how the helmet performed in a standardized impact test.

In the lab testing, the helmet met one portion of the requirements, but Dr. Cripton advised viewers to avoid any helmet that doesn’t have standards stickers on the inside of them. Those stickers indicate that safety standards were met in the testing of the helmet’s safety straps, its performance in different temperatures, and other criteria.

Dr. Cripton’s message, aside from always donning a helmet during bike rides, was to make sure that you know a helmet meets those standards before it goes on your head.