ICORD gets new tool for rehabilitation research

Research participant Kyle Gieni is learning to use the Ekso suit.

Kyle Gieni is helping ICORD researchers learn to use the Ekso suit.

Thanks to funding from the Canada Foundation for Innovation, BC Knowledge Development Fund and Rick Hansen Foundation, ICORD was recently able to purchase a Variable-Assist wearable bionic suit from Ekso Bionics.

Dr. Tania Lam and her research team will use the suit to study gait and postural control, and investigate the potential benefits–both direct and indirect–of using the suit for rehabilitation after SCI. The research team and the suit were featured on CTV BC.

Currently, Dr. Lam and her team are learning how to fit and use the suit, and how to train users. They expect to begin recruiting for research studies within the next year. If you would like more information about upcoming studies, please check our Research Studies page.