Paralympic Clinic is up and running in London

Dr. Andrei Krassioukov and his research team have arrived in London and set up in the Paralympic Village. Trainee Jacqueline Cragg sends an update:

August 29th, 2012: We have arrived in London and have set up the Cardiovascular Health Education and Research Study. Our Clinic is in the busy Athletes’ village. In the clinic yesterday, we had two Paralympic wheelchair athletes from South Africa,  two from Columbia, and one athlete from Australia. Tonight we are going to the Opening Ceremonies.

ICORD Paralympic Clinic people

Christopher West (ICORD), Greg Vice (IPC Standing Committee), Dmitry Krassioukov (ICORD), Andrei Krassioukov (ICORD), Walt Thompson (IPC Standing Committee), Yves Vanlandewijck (IPC Standing Committee), Melissa Pak (ICORD), Shirley Wong (ICORD), Jacquelyn Cragg (ICORD). The Clinic is sponsored by Craig Neilsen Foundation and ICORD, and supported by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC)