New Principal Investigator: Dr. Sandra Hundza

ICORD is pleased to announce three new Principal Investigators have joined the research group. Drs. Sandra Hundza, Carolyn Sparrey and Stephanie Willerth were welcomed in February, 2011. Dr. Hundza is a faculty member at the University of Victoria.

Sandra Hundza

Dr. Sandra Hundza studied Physiotherapy at the University of Alberta and practiced clinically as a physiotherapist for twelve years, with particular attention to neurology. She later completed her graduate education at the University of Victoria where she studied the neural control of movement. Dr. Hundza continues to study the neural control of locomotion and balance, and applies this research to the development of rehabilitation strategies for improving mobility after trauma such as SCI or with aging. In particular, her research has been instrumental in gaining an understanding of the neural connections which coordinate arms and legs during locomotion, and of how these connections change with age or after neurotrauma. Dr. Hundza’s work at ICORD will characterize the ideal strategies for retraining gait in people with SCI, with a particular emphasis on the neural mechanisms regulating trunk and limb movement during locomotion.