Associate Member

Assistant Professor, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, University of Washington, Seattle, WA

BSc [Health Science] (Kanazawa University, Ishikawa, Japan)
Master of Athletic Training (Texas Tech University Health Science Center)
Doctor of Physical Therapy (Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health)
Master of Science (Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia)
PhD [Rehabilitation Science] (University of Washington, Seattle)
Postdoctoral Fellowship [Electrical & Computer Engineering] (University of Washington, Seattle)
Postdoctoral Fellowship [Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation] (International Collaboration of Repair Discoveries, University of British Columbia)

Research Interests:
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Dr. Andrei Krassioukov-headshot
Principal Investigator

M.D. (Volgograd State Medical School), Ph.D. (Ivan Pavlov Institute of Physiology), FRCPC (University of British Columbia)
Professor, Division of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Department of Medicine, University of British Columbia
Chair in Rehabilitation Research, ICORD
Associate Director, Rehabilitation Research, ICORD
Director, ICORD Autonomic Research Unit
Staff physician, Spinal Cord Program, GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre
Adjunct Professor, Departments of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, University of Western Ontario
Chair of International Autonomic Standards Committee, ASIA/ISCOS

Research Interests:
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