The 3rd International Autonomic Symposium

The 3nd International Autonomic Symposium, hosted by the Krassioukov Lab, was held at the Blusson Spinal Cord Centre on Tuesday 19th of May 2015. This highly successful event provided the 130 participants with the latest on basic and clinical research on dysfunctions of the autonomic nervous system presented by 18 experts in the field from North America, Europe and Asia.

Thank you to our sponsors, who made this event possible again!: Rick Hansen Institute, UBC Faculty of Medicine, Murphy Battista, Coloplast Canada Corporation, Purdue Pharma, Allergan, Pfizer, David Doig & Associates, Road 13 Vineyards, Harper Grey LLP, Turing Pharma, Watson Goepel LLP, Gertsoyg & Company, Mylan PHARMA, Enertopia Corporation

Congratulations to the trainees who won awards in the oral and poster competition held at the event:

Oral Presentation:_DSC6501

  1. Aaron Phillips – Do foes unite woes? The role of autonomic dysreflexia in cerebrovascular health and cognitive function after experimental spinal cord injury
  2. Jordan Squair – A Clinically Relevant Rodent Contusion Model to Investigate Cardiovascular Dysfunction Following Spinal Cord Injury
  3. Katharine Currie – Left ventricular dysfunction following cervical spinal cord injury


Poster Presentation:_DSC6495

  1. David Popok – Characterizing autonomic cardiovascular dysfunction in chronic SCI patients using 24 hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring.
  2. Diana Hunter – Sympathetic and sensory sprouting after spinal cord injury: Peripheral consequences of central injuries
  3. Michele Jia – Cerebrovascular function during autonomic dysreflexia: are the brain blood vessels ready to rupture?