Under the Microscope

162c7037-4702-48b9-b0e4-8eb7b76244bcUnder the Microscope is column written by Dr. Ward Plunet for the Blusson Buzz, ICORD’s weekly internal newsletter. Ward earned his Phd in neuroscience from UBC, studying spinal cord injury. He has spent the past three years travelling the world, blogging about science and working a science correspondent for BC1 TV station.

Ward recently returned to ICORD and is working on the SCI Translational Research Platform. He spreads general health and science knowledge on twitter and Google+, @WardPlunet twitter handle.

As of September 22, 2015, Dr. Ward Plunet’s “Under the Microscope” posts are no longer hosted on our ICORD website. You can read his posts on his personal site, Be More Be Now.