Our Researchers

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ICORD is fortunate to include researchers who are faculty members and/or clinicians at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver Coastal Health, Simon Fraser University, the University of Victoria and other national and international institutions.

Browse through the short profiles below and on the next pages, or click on researcher names below for their detailed profiles. For more information about becoming a member of ICORD, please contact us.

Principal Investigators
Primary research programs closely aligned with ICORD’s mission
Gary Birch John Kramer
Matt Ramer
Paul Bishop Andrei Krassioukov
Bonita Sawatzky
Jaimie Borisoff Brian Kwon
Carolyn Sparrey
Victoria Claydon Tania Lam
Miriam Spering
Peter Cripton Corree Laule John Steeves
Marcel Dvorak Kathleen Martin Ginis Lynn Stothers
Stacy Elliott William Miller John Street
Janice Eng Patricia Mills Wolfram Tetzlaff
Susan Forwell Wayne Moore Darren Warburton
Aziz Ghahary Ben Mortenson Cheryl Wellington
David Granville Mark Nigro Christopher West
Andy Hoffer Ipek Oruc David Whitehurst
Sandra Hundza Tom Oxland Stephanie Willerth
Reza Jalili
Catherine Pallen
David Wilson
Piotr Kozlowski Scott Paquette
Paul Zehr

Primary research programs peripherally aligned with ICORD’s mission
Philip Ainslie Heather Gainforth Jane Roskams
Hugh Anton Tal Jarus William Sheel
Mark Carpenter Shannon Kolind Andrea Townson
Anita Delongis Tim O’Connor

Associate Members
Conducting research in collaboration with ICORD Principal Investigators and Investigators
Mike Boyd Mohammad Javan Michael Negraeff
Romeo Chua Andrew Laing Aaron Phillips
Jens Coorssen Nan Liu Paul Van Donkelaar
Kerry Delaney Freda Miller Rhonda Willms
Tim Inglis

Emeritus Members
ICORD Principal Investigators and Investigators who have retired from their faculty positions

Tom Grigliatti
Associate Member

B.P.E. [Physical Education] (University of British Columbia)
M.P.E. [Physical Education] (University of British Columbia)
Ph.D. [Clinical Neurosciences] (University of Calgary)
Director, School of Health and Exercise Sciences, University of British Columbia – Okanagan campus

Research Interests:
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Principal Investigator

B.A. [Kinesiology and Health Sciences] (York University), M.Sc. [Kinesiology and Health Sciences] (York University), Ph.D. [Cardiovascular Physiology/Sport Cardiology, Physical Education/Cardiology] (University of Alberta), Post-Doctoral Fellowship (Sports Medicine/Cardiology, University of British Columbia)
Co-Director, Physical Activity Line (
Co-Director, Physical Activity Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention Unit, University of British Columbia
Full Professor, School of Kinesiology, Faculty of Education, University of British Columbia
Chair, PAR-Q+ Collaboration
Chair, International Collaboration on Clinical Exercise Prescriptions
Chair, Knowledge Translation Committee, Canadian Cardiovascular Harmonization of National Guidelines Endeavour (C-CHANGE)

Research Interests:
; ; ; ; ; ; ;
Principal Investigator

B.Sc. [Microbiology] (University of Alberta), Ph.D. [Microbiology] (University of British Columbia)
Professor, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, University of British Columbia


Research Interests:
; ; ; ;
Principal Investigator

B.Sc. (Sport & Exercise Science) [University of Essex]
M.Sc. (Sport & Exercise Science – Human Performance) [Brunel University]
Ph.D. (Sport & Exercise Science – Spinal Cord Injury) [Brunel University]
Assistant Professor, School of Kinesiology, Faculty of Education, University of British Columbia

Research Interests:
; ; ;
Principal Investigator

LL.B. [Law and Economics] (Keele University, UK)
M.Sc. [Health Economics] (University of York, UK)
Ph.D. [Primary Care Sciences (specialization in health economics)] (Keele University, UK)
Post-Doctoral Fellowship (University of British Columbia; funded by the Rick Hansen Institute)
Assistant Professor (Faculty of Health Sciences, Simon Fraser University)

Research Interests:
; ; ; ; ;
Dr. Stephanie Willerth
Principal Investigator

S.B. [Biology] (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), S.B. [Chemical Engineering] (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), M.S. (Washington University), Ph.D. [Biomedical Engineering] (Washington University), Post-Doctoral Fellowship [Bioengineering and Chemical Engineering] (University of California)
Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering and Division of Medical Sciences, University of Victoria
Member, Centre for Advanced Materials & Related Technology

Research Interests:
; ; ; ; ;
rhonda wilms headshot
Associate Member

Medical Manager, Spinal Cord Injury Program, GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre
Clinical Instructor, Division of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Department of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia

Research Interests:
Principal Investigator

B.Eng. [Mechanical Engineering] (McGill University), Ph.D. [Engineering Science] (University of Oxford), Post-Doctoral Fellowship [Orthopaedic Biomechanics] (John Hopkins University), Post-Doctoral Fellowship (Harvard University)
Professor, Department of Orthopaedics, Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia
Associate Member, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Applied Science, University of British Columbia

Research Interests:
; ; ; ;
Dr. Paul Zehr - headshot
Principal Investigator

B.P.E. [Kinesiology] and M.Sc. [Human Biodynamics] (McMaster University), Ph.D. [Neuroscience] (University of Alberta)
Professor & Director, Centre for Biomedical Research, Division of Medical Sciences, School of Exercise Science, University of Victoria

Research Interests:
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