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Antibiotics as Top Treatments on the Way to Bacterial Infection Improvement

To understand the nature of antibiotics and their influence on the organism, it is important to consider the definition, actions and features they possess. First of all, an antibiotic is defined as a medication, which can either slow down the bacteria development or completely kill them.

Antibiotics are classified as antimicrobials, which also presuppose anti-parasitic, anti-viral and anti-fungal drugs. Such remedies are special chemicals that have been derived from microorganisms and are used to eliminate the symptoms of bacterial infections. Due to their ability to kill or destroy the bacteria, antibiotics can balance the infectious disease.

While usual bacteria are single-cell organisms and serve a normal part of life, pathogenic bacteria can trigger a devastating impact on the organism. Antibiotics, in their turn, are aimed at prevention of further bacteria growth, multiplication and spreading. At this point, all the antibiotics are divided into:

  • Bactericidal that kill bacteria;
  • Bacteriostatic that stop the multiplication process.

Since various types of antibiotics interfere with diverse bacteria types, it is inevitable to get proper diagnosing before the beginning of the therapy. Considering this aspect, antibiotics can also be classified into:

  • Broad-spectrum drugs, which are used to cure a wide range of infections;
  • Narrow-spectrum antibiotics help with specific bacteria types.

Despite antibiotics are ultimately important and can overcome serious health impairments, some bacteria can be resistant to these drugs. As a result, antibiotic use is ineffective and the bacteria are not killed by the drug.

The situation appears mainly because of repeated exposure to the same antibiotic, usually with skipping doses and similar issues. If bacteria are resistant to antibiotics, you need to start a more serious treatment with powerful drugs.

Most Common Types of Antibiotics

Even though two general antibiotic classifications have been mentioned, the main one is based on the chemical structure of the medications. Drugs belonging to the same class have similar effectiveness, allergic potential, toxicity, side effects and precautions.

Here are the main classes of antibiotics:

  • Penicillins are bactericidal remedies, which inhibit the formation and spreading of bacterial cell walls. These drugs are prescribed to patients, who require treatment of dental infection, respiratory tract infection, skin infection, ear infection, gonorrhea and urinary tract infection. All the penicillins are divided into four main types, including natural, penicillinase-resistant, aminopenicillins and extended-spectrum drugs. Generally, penicillins are safe remedies with minimal toxicity. Among the most common adverse reactions are diarrhea, nausea and vomiting.
  • Cephalosporins work similar to penicillins and are classified as bactericidal treatments. However, these antibiotics vary in spectrum of action. The medications are aimed at treatment of staph infection, strep throat, pneumonia, otitis media, tonsillitis, bronchitis, diverse types of skin infections, urinary tract infections, gonorrhea and multiple other disorders. Bone infection can also be treated with cephalosporins. According to antimicrobial properties, antibiotics are divided into four generations.
  • Macrolides belong to a group of Bacteriostatic drugs. The medications are frequently well-tolerated by the body, though sometimes they can activate unwanted reactions and dangerous health influences. The most common side effects from macrolides use are stomach discomfort, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, allergic reactions and others.
  • Fluoroquilones are the newest antibiotics on the pharmaceutical market. These antibiotics are not derived from bacteria and are synthetic compounds. The drugs promote a severe impact on the body and can be used only in case other treatments failed to treat the condition. Fluoroquilone antibiotics are powerful to eliminate the symptoms of respiratory tract infection, skin infection, urinary tract infection and similar complications.

Innovative Fluoroquinolone Antibiotics

Being one of the most effective Fluoroquinolone antibiotics with a potential composition and drastic influence on the bothering condition, Cipro can treat several bacteria types in the body. Generally, the medication is prescribed to patients, who are diagnosed with plague and anthrax, but it can be taken in the vast majority of other issues, not listed in the safety guide.

Cipro features an ultimately powerful composition, which can promote a considerable influence on the organism, triggering disabling or severe side effects if misused. The remedy is recommended only in case when other antibiotics seemed to be ineffective.

Consult your doctor before the drug use to make sure you are fully safe administering the drug. Following all the safety instructions and intake directions you are likely to benefit from potential Cipro influence and fast recovery.